Our homes are responsive because

  • care and support are set out in a written plan that ensures service users receive personalised care.
  • through initial assessment, transition and review family and other important people are actively involved in contributing to the care plan
  • we have a regular review with everyone to make sure we are all doing the right thing for the service user
  • as a service user’s needs and preferences change, the plan is updated, and all those who need to know, such as the care staff, are kept up to date so they can respond to the changes
  • service users have a health action plan which is reviewed at regular intervals
  • if a GP or hospital visit is needed, staff plan this well to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible
  • staff make sure service users are supported well by keeping an individual daily log, they will note any changes and keep others up to date so they can ensure they are responding to any changing needs
  • staff ensure service users are able to stay in contact with families and friends
  • if service users or their families have any concerns and complaints, staff always take them seriously, investigate them thoroughly and respond to them in good time

Our most recent survey asked parents and advocates to answer questions and rate our services under the 5 Key Question areas this is the result for RESPONSIVE:

“Staff are very responsive to my son’s needs and have encouraged him to try new things which is brilliant.”

“Staff have shown great care and patience trying to ensure my daughter is happy.”

“Relationships with family are encouraged and maintained.”

“Residents attend meaningful community activities.”

“I cannot thank everyone enough for making the recent change of accommodation such a success.”

  • Very Happy
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • Unhappy
  • Very unhappy