Our homes are well-led because

  • Everyone knows Fairmont’s leaders and managers
  • Leaders and managers promote an open and ‘no blame’ honest culture and share Fairmont’s vision and values
  • Leaders and Managers know what their responsibilities are and are always honest, including when things go wrong
  • We induct, train and develop all staff in the standards expressed in our Policies and Procedures
  • We formally supervise and appraise staff on a regular basis
  • Staff know what is expected of them and are happy in their work
  • Managers work alongside staff and lead by example
  • Leaders and managers are available to support staff via out of hours rota
  • Staff are asked for their opinion via staff meetings and surveys
  • We use feedback from all stakeholders to develop and progress the service
  • Staff know how to report concerns through grievance and whistleblowing
  • All concerns and complaints are thoroughly investigated
  • Our leaders and managers have both formal and informal dialogue with all our external stakeholders

Our most recent survey asked parents and advocates to answer questions and rate our services under the 5 Key Question areas this is the result for WELL LED:

“Leaders and Managers are open, transparent and honest. In my experience they deliver quality person centred care (Advocate).”

“I feel the whole team are approachable, I have no worries about broaching any subject with either Managers or staff.”

“All the leaders and managers are excellent.”

“Very good staff attitudes.”

“All leaders and managers are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable, we have peace of mind which you can’t buy.”

“Any concerns are responded to honestly and effectively.”

“The senior staff do an excellent job.”

  • Very Happy
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • Unhappy
  • Very unhappy