Our homes are effective because

  • we use evidence based and successful approaches for people with ASD
  • our staff and service users are well supported by experienced managers
  • staff learn about the service user’s needs and personal preferences and give as much choice and control as possible
  • services are individualised and person centred
  • staff have good levels of knowledge, qualifications and skills to ensure they can carry out their role
  • staff enjoy and support activities that match the service user’s preferences and choices so they have a good quality of life.
  • staff speak with health and social care professionals, such as GPs, and take advice and the right action to keep service users in good health
  • service users views about the quality and choice of food and other aspects of the home is acted on as far as is possible whilst promoting good nutrition
  • staff empower service users to express their likes and preferences
  • family members and advocates are encouraged to share their knowledge and views in the best interest of the service users

Our most recent survey asked parents and advocates to answer questions and rate our services under the 5 Key Question areas this is the result for EFFECTIVE:

“Fairmont supports my son very well to do activities he enjoys.”

“My son’s keyworker is excellent, makes a real effort to make sure I’m kept up to date.”

“Residents are treated with dignity and respect.”

“Daily activities in the community reflect good person centred planning (Advocate).”

“Staff go above and beyond their responsibilities to look after my daughter.”

  • Very Happy
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • Unhappy
  • Very unhappy