Our homes are caring because

  • we recruit staff with the appropriate values and attitude, people who are kind and considerate
  • we undertake comprehensive assessment and transition planning to ensure we can offer good and appropriate care before we admit a service user
  • we address compatibility when introducing a new service user to the home
  • our staff respect the service users rights and treat them with dignity
  • staff spend time with service users and develop good trusting relationships and are concerned and advocate for their wellbeing
  • our service users and their advocates and families are encouraged to express their views
  • we strive to overcome any barriers to a service user having a good quality of life and involvement in the community
  • staff get to know the service users very well, keyworkers in particular build a good knowledge of their service user’s preferences and choices
  • individualised / person centred care plans are in place and evaluated monthly to make sure they are still relevant
  • all service users have their own bedrooms and en-suite shower rooms ensuring privacy during personal care
  • family and friends are encouraged to visit

Our most recent survey asked parents and advocates to answer questions and rate our services under the 5 Key Question areas this is the result for CARING:

“Staff have shown my son empathy and kindness.”

“The quality of care provided is very good.”

“We are very happy with the standard of care provided.”

“My son is very happy at Botts Farm and he has the best quality of life he could have.”

“My son is a very happy, well cared for young man.”

“At the bottom of my heart I know my daughter is being looked after and loved, this is immeasurable and makes each day easier to cope with. A big thank you to all at Fairmont.”

  • Very Happy
  • Happy
  • Satisfied
  • Unhappy
  • Very unhappy